Brunch: The BEST Meal of the Day

I have officially decided that brunch is by far the best meal of the day.

1) The time of day is perfect.  You can eat brunch anywhere from 10-3.

2) The food is absolutely delicious.  Who doesn’t want to eat eggs, bacon and a biscuit?

3) The options for brunch are endless. Literally, ENDLESS. You can have something sweet or savory or both.

4) Everyone gets what they want.  If someone wants to eat breakfast food they can or if someone wants lunch there is something on the menu for that too.  It’s the best of both worlds!

5) It makes Sunday fun!  I look forward to Sunday only because I know that I will be having brunch. . .

Because I absolutely love brunch, I have been on the prowl for new places to try.  I happen to leave near a West Egg Cafe, and I have gone there the last three Sundays.  I think it is time for a change of pace, so share with me your favorite brunch spot in Atlanta!

{Taken from flickr/creativecommons}

{Taken from flickr/creativecommons}

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Listen Up

Listening is crucial when it comes to blogging and social media.  There are key reasons why listening is so important.   Just by listening you can find out what people are thinking.  This goes for either a brand or a business.  Just like in social work, we discuss how we can only identify an issue or problem by listening to people in the community.  Engage the audience in dialogue, and observe or listen to what people have to say.

Building your social media community can also be done through simply listening.  By listening to your audience, you can better identify who is taking an active interest and who is not.  By focusing in on those that are engaged, you can start to establish relationships with those people.  This is similar to making friends.  Most of my friendships have blossomed out of a common interest with someone.  Just this year, I have made a new friend simply because we watch all of the same trashy television shows.  The only way I figured this out was by engaging in conversation, and LISTENING to what she had to say.  From there, we have discovered that we have other similar interests.  This can also be applied to social media.

Here is a video about the power of listening.  This video, for me, echoed my research for this post.

I really liked how Bowins discusses the notion of listening in order to build authentic relationships.  This stood out to me, as it directly relates to the community partnership focus of my current education. Do you agree with Bowins’ comments on the power of listening? Ready, Set, Share!

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Happy Sunday Morning!

This morning I woke up bright and early to do homework. . . I went to a coffee shop down the street to study.  I stayed for about two hours and as I was leaving this is what I saw-

photo (1)


Two adorable dogs wearing tiny little helmets in a side car of their owner’s skate board.  Yes, THIS IS REAL LIFE. I asked the owner if he minded me taking a picture of these cuties and he said not at all.  I really got such a kick out of this.  It really made my Sunday morning that much better! Between the dogs being adorable and walking outside to the last thing that I expected really made an impact on me.  I have started to think about what I am grateful for every morning, and this unexpected funny moment fell into that category.

What are you grateful for? Did something make your day? Share!

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The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: How Social Media has Changed Communication

Social Media has changed how we communicate.  There are pros and cons to this notion.


  • We can communicate with people all over the world- time and distance no longer keep people apart.
  • Collaboration- people can now share information more easily when working on projects.  So, people who may not have been able to work together before because of barriers like time and location, now have the ability to work together.
  • Easily stay in touch- now it is easier than ever to stay in touch with family and friends.


  • Instant responses- now that a majority of people have access to social media, people expect to have answers immediately.  In turn, sometimes a late response or not wanting to respond immediate can cause some guilt (at least for me!)
  • Screen time- the average person now spends 3 hours on social media everyday.
  • Loss of social skills- people have forgotten how to interact with one another in person.  This includes the loss of how to have a conversation with someone in person. . .

Looking at how social media has changed our communication speaks to why most of us are in this class.  We have recognized that social media is the way of the future, and the most efficient platform to reach the greatest number of people.  It is also fitting at it is Social Media Week starting tomorrow.

How do you think social media has changed our communication?

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Diamonds and Candles Together? Oh My!

As an avid candle lover, there is almost nothing worse than when the candle is no more.  But, what if there was a surprise in every candle?? Well can no fear Diamond Candles are here!

These are all natural soy candles with various scents.  The catch is that within each of the candles there is a ring.  The ring’s value can be anywhere from $10 up to $5,000.

I will let the candles speak for themselves. Check them out!

{This came from Diamond Candles via accayliasaurusrexx}

{This came from Diamond Candles via accayliasaurusrexx}

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7 Essentials for Good Storytelling

Good Storytelling Should:

1) Get the audience to care- start with “WHY?” Why should people be interested in what you have to say?

2) Empower and motivate the audience- pull at their heart-strings and tap into their emotions.  Allow the audience to have an avenue to engage with the story, perhaps through SOCIAL MEDIA!

3)  Embody purpose and relevance- builds upon the first step. There is a key message, and the story is made relevant by listening to the experiences of the audience.

4) Be interesting for the AUDIENCE, not necessarily interesting for the writer to do!

5) Let the characters lead- keep the story simple by only including up to 2 characters.  This will make the story more memorable.

6) Have one main character that embodies G.O.A.L. (Genuine, Outgoing, Articulate, and Lively.) All of these characteristics make for an endearing character that is also relatable.

7) Build up to a surprise- this keeps the audience engaged up until the end!

While doing my research this video kept popping up: what makes this good storytelling?



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Be Mindful: Personal vs. Professional Social Media

What are personal and professional media outlets?

When first looking at this assignment, my immediate reaction was that personal and professional mediums of social media must be mutually exclusive. But then I need to take a step back and really look at which social media outlets are meant for personal use versus professional use.  Media Culpa identifies Xing and LinkedIn as more of professional networks.  While Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, just to name a few, are viewed as social media networks.  Yet, all of these mediums can also be used interchangeably as a means to gain professional connections.  Yes, this just became that more complicated! So I asked myself what are the specific characteristics of a personal social network versus a professional social network? RoadMap provides readers with a helpful info graphic.  Research provided by TNS for LinkedIn reveals the differences.  People engage in personal social networking to keep in touch and for entertainment.  The experience for personal networking might also be categorized as leisurely.  While professional social networking has a higher purpose of achievement.  People want to receive information and find out how to better themselves professionally.  Seems simple enough.  

Being Mindful

But, does this mean that Facebook cannot be used for professional means? Can LinkedIn not be a way to keep in touch with old friends? Of course they can! Deb Kier got it right as she addresses that personal and professional media can be incorporated.  Her suggestion is to be mindful of what you are putting out in cyberspace. No matter how many privacy settings you have on Facebook and Twitter any of your friends can share that information.  I found this to be a very valuable tip.  Why would I limit myself to LinkedIn when in search of a job, when my Facebook or Twitter community could be even more beneficial? Simply being mindful of what I choose to share is my new golden rule. 


This came from eldh via


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The Power of the Flower

I have always loved flowers.  I love the colors, smells and how they brighten up a room!  When I was telling my roommate about this assignment, she suggested that I research about flowers and personality traits.  This proved to be a very interesting topic, or at least to us! The first site that caught my attention was flower: enriching life through flowers.  But what drew me in was the quiz you could take about, “Which Flower are You?” I jumped at the opportunity, and I discovered that I would be a Sunflower!

This came from Kyle Rush via

{This came from Kyle Rush via}

According to the results, “In the language of flowers, the sunflower is synonymous with devotion because the blossoms of these mammoth flowers follow the path of the sun across the sky. In a similar manner, you are known for your loyalty and steadiness.” I found the rest of the description to be quite accurate as well!  After taking the quiz, I continued on my quest and stumbled upon “Birth Flowers and Personality Traits.”  My November birthday correlates to a Chrysanthemum.

{This came from iStockphoto}

{This came from iStockphoto}

The traits associated with a Chrysanthemum include cheerfulness, sensitivity, and compassion. Again I found these results to be quite accurate as well.  My roommate and I went through the whole list to see if our friends matched up to their birth flowers, which kept us thoroughly entertained! But form your own opinion and take a look for yourself!

{This came from}

{This came from via Appalachian Encounters}

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